About Us

For the about us section we decided to have our travel partner describe us…this may result in more updating as our journey unfolds…




Meet my husband, Dan. He’s wonderful. I’m kind of obsessed with him.

We we just got married a couple of weeks ago, so this is technically our honeymoon. Pretty awesome, right?

He is, (was) a front office manager at a little hotel in the town where we live with degrees in neuroscience and psychology… An unlikely match, and I’m still not quite sure how he ended up there- but it was a perfect case of serendipity, because I was working there at the time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

He’s a smart, athletic, handsome guy. No, but really. He is all of those things. I’ve already mentioned the fact that he’s smart. He’s also a runner. Like, really fast and really long for those of us non runners. I’m sure he’ll be doing a lot of that over the course of this trip. Hopefully not from lions or anything…

On any given day, he will feed our 2 cats and 2 dogs, unload the dishwasher, find my misplaced car keys, find any other things I’ve lost over the course of the previous day, and make the coffee… All while I’m still rolling out of bed in the morning.

He’ll tell you this trip was my idea. It wasn’t. It was his. He thought it up and probably instantly wished he hadn’t said it out loud. You see, we thought we’d go work at a hotel in the company someplace exotic. Maybe Hawaii or St. Thomas (we didn’t want to have to mess with visas). But when he came up with the idea of just going…it stuck.

And by it stuck, I mean we hemmed and hawed about it for a year or so and then we finally committed. What you need to know about Dan is that he’s on the straight and narrow, for the most part. College, job, wife, house, kids I would say is the typical progression of life these days. And that’s what he wanted. That was success. And somehow…we met, he took me on a family vacation, started dating, bought a house, quit our jobs, got married, and are doing our retirement life world traveling now.

See, he’s perfect. And fun and adventurous. And probably can’t wait to get home and back on track! But for now, I predict his day will go as follows…

  1. Wake up
  2. Run
  3. Do some exploring
  4. Nap in a hammock if he can find one
  5. Eat a whole bunch

… We’ll see if I’m right. Or if he keeps me guessing, as usual 🙂

Also, he’s just given me the hairy eye ball and reminded me that this is an “about me” and not an actual blog post. My apologies for the lengthy rhetoric as I figure out this whole “blogging” situation.



Took the idea of a six month journey…or as we have dubbed ‘field research,’ and held me to it

Domestic cats are not enough so a portion of the trip will be spent in a rehab facility for exotic large cat rehab

Eager for cultural immersion from the local food-stand to learning the local lingo

Laurel has embraced the clichĂ© of ‘living life to the fullest.’  Her unwavering commitment to enjoying all moments big, and small places me in the most fortunate of places…right by her side soaking in all the great moments with friends, family, and each other.

My forecast for Laurel’s typical day on our trek:

  1. Sleep in
  2. Drink coffee
  3. talk to wild birds
  4. develop photography skills
  5. attempt to pet animals she was photographing
  6. make faces at me when I tell poor jokes
  7. explore a lost city
  8. nap at the lost city
  9. make a fancy dinner from a recipe we got from new local friends
  10. try to document the days activities on her ipad
  11. embrace the nightlife (sleep)