Hero for a husband…and early Thanksgiving day post

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a hero for a husband. I am.


After two days of back and forth about leaving Australia or not, we left. He booked our flights, got me to commit…and he knew exactly what we were in for. Long days in the hospital with no real information about what was happening, or what would happen in the long run.

Dan has been by my side for the past 3(ish) years and has seen me through some of the toughest times.

First was my Dad. He came to visit him in the nursing home with me almost every weekend. He gave me the push I needed when didn’t even want to go. He held my hand and stood by my side as we planned a funeral and said good bye. He never complained, was never tired, and was always supportive.

Almost exactly a year later I found myself in the same room of the same funeral home, attending a service for his long time girlfriend who died fairly suddenly, and certainly unexpectedly. My ‘stepmother’ if you will. Due to a strained relationship, differences of opinion for my Dad’s care, and other unresolved issues – this was all a bit much to handle. But again, by my side, holding me up, and letting me crumble when I needed to crumble.

After that was the decline of Nana. Dad’s 90 something year oldmother, living in North Carolina with her deaf and dependent brother Billy. And do you think he complained one single time? Nope. Sure, he could have suggested that we vacation somewhere other than the Independent living facility in Tarboro, North Carolina… or that we eat at a real restaurant and not the dining room there. Nope. Not a peep. In fact, he sickly enjoyed it… like me. He’s the best company.

And after trips back and forth to the hospital, back and forth from North Carolina, she’s been gone a year. And here we are again. This time, from Australia…to tend to her brother, Uncle Billy.

He’s not resentful or impatient. Bored or mean. He loves my family like they’re his family. And they are. But he took it to the next level this time.

For the past seven or eight days we’ve been sitting in the hospital for most of the day, making sure Billy gets what he needs. Dan isn’t the husband that is there just because he has to be. Dan is the husband that is constantly monitoring the charts, adjusting the pillow, moving the bed up and down. He was a relief to the nurses, helping them move him, clean him and take him to the  bathroom. NOBODY does that. Except Dan.

He’s funny and sweet like nobody else. He’s a perfect gentleman, carrying bags for me and opening doors. Did I mention how goofy he is? And all he wanted was to be home for Thanksgiving while we were so close. That sounds like a reasonable wish. We got Billy settled in his rehab room and headed to the airport. I don’t know if we’ll be back to NC after the holiday or if we’ll head right back out for our trip.


All I know is that this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my husband.

Love you. xo

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  • The best part for me is I got to see your smiling race………if only for 15 min, it brightened my day! I just got your card. You are a sweet sweet person and I miss you every day. Have so much. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home.

  • Lindsey
    8 years ago

    Apparently changed my name to lindser in the first post

  • Lindser
    8 years ago

    ❤️ Love you