Ugh, lazy!

I just don’t know what it is, but since we’ve been back on the road I’ve  been SO unmotivated to blog. Now I feel like if I start, I’ll just spew word vomit  about a month’s worth of travels. I’m going to attempt to start writing every day… just a catalogue of our activities. Hopefully it will spark something. So here it goes.

This morning we woke up in Franz Josef. It’s actually a pretty cute little town. Population of 300 (with 2,700 visitors per day in peak season). There are some pretty decent restaurants (which reminds me to write a post about how the food is crap here). The landscape is pretty interesting, very mountainous, green and lush. Borderline tropical looking with ferns that look like palm trees. A couple of the tallest mountains are covered in snow which is a stark contrast to the landscape here in town.

We had booked a tour where a heicopter takes you up to a glacier where you can hike around on the ice. Unfortunately, it’s been raining for days and today was no different. They wouldn’t operate the helicopters so the tours were cancelled. We’ve rebooked for tomorrow, but that isn’t looking promising either. We did, however, already do a glacier tour on the other side of the mountain. We were in a boat on a lake though, and the shelf of the glacier sticks out for hundreds of meters just below the surface of the water where you can’t see (like an iceberg). And that means – you  have to keep some distance in case a piece breaks off. So, you can’t get close enough to get out and walk on it. But seeing it was still cool. So if we can’t go tomorrow, that’s ok I guess.

We’ll be headed down to Queenstown for a few nights. No activities planned there and we’ve actually booked a hotel which will be a nice change of pace. We’ve mostly been using airbnb since we’ve been in New Zealand.

So, that’s that. More to come. Tomorrow… I think.

btw, we went swimming with dolphins a while back. Here’s a pic.


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